Monday, May 23, 2011

Daydreaming: A Beach House with Blue Shutters

When you’re in the mood to daydream over beautifully designed houses, Giannetti Home, is a good place to do it. One of my favorite houses in architect Steve Giannetti’s portfolio is this traditional one on Broad Beach. I love the the blue shutters outside, the gorgeous woodwork inside–and the view of the water doesn’t hurt, either.
This house had me with the Cedar Shingle Siding! Let's take a look around.

Now you’re daydreaming, too, aren’t you?

To see more photos of this house, visit Giannetti Home. You can read an interview with architect Steve Giannetti at Things That Inspire. And be sure to check out Brooke Giannetti’s inspiring blog, too, at Velvet & Linen. Hooked on Houses.

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